FunnyFlatFaces.com's Selection of Fun Dog Books

Fun and interesting Dog books about dogs and with fun things to do with your Dog.

A list of entertaining and informative books. Perfect gifts for dog lovers and for dog owners who want to pamper their dog. Fun Facts about Dogs and canine behavior for lots of smiles, out-loud laughs, hugs, and sometimes a few tears.
Pugs, Bulldogs, Frenchies and other Flat faced dogs
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Why Do Dogs Drink Out of the Toilet?:
101 of the Most Perplexing Questions Answered About Canine Conundrums, Medical Mysteries and Befuddling Behaviorsby Marty Becker, Gina Spadafori
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Dog Stars:
Astrology for Dog Lovers (Paperback) by Sherene Schostak, Wendy Lam
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The Dog I.Q. Test by Melissa Miller
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1,001 Reasons to Love Dogs
(Hardcover) by Christine Miele, Mary Tiegreen
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Fun Facts about Dogs
Fun Facts About Dogsby Richard Torregrossa
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What's Your Dog's IQ?:
How to Determine If Your Dog Is an Einstein--and What to Do If He's a Scooby Dooby Sue Owens Wright
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Dressed up Bulldogs
Bulldog Mascots
A Bulldog's Life
Bulldog Puppies
Dogue de Bordeaux