Of all dog breeds, the Bulldog probably represents the greatest departure from the original Canidae. His thickset, low-swung body, wide shoulders and typical massive short-faced head, make him stand out among all other dog breeds. This uniqueness is also true for his temperament and character.
Described as 'one of man's most affectionate and devoted companions', the bulldog has great strength of character and is never demanding. He is placid and trustworthy with children, and never seems to run out of patience.
Most Bulldog owners will tell you a Bulldog is not just a dog, but a unique personality, who loves to be the center of attention, though in a low-profile kind of way. Bulldogs can be real clowns whose only mission in life seems to be to make you laugh.
Their Zen-attitude is quite communicative, provided you don't expect them to jump up at your every command and can be forgiving when they chew your favorite piece of furniture...
English Bulldog

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